5 Ways to Avoid the Flu

This flu season has been particularly harsh, with more than 53 deaths and the highest amount of hospitalizations reported due to the flu in the past 10 years. No matter what profession you are, or where you live, the flu virus is just around the corner.

There are a variety of ways to prevent the flu, from basic tips to intense travel limitations. Becoming aware of your surroundings, and being proactive can be crucial to avoiding the flu. Here are 5 ways to avoid becoming sick this flu season. 

  1. Wash your hands

    • While this may seem like an obvious suggestion, the fact of the matter is that many of us do not wash our hands as often as we should. With the amount of bacteria on the surfaces we touch, just carrying a bottle of hand sanitizer can be the difference between getting sick and staying healthy.
  2. Take a Shower

    • There are all sorts of bacteria in every environment, so taking a shower can help wash off bacteria that can live on the surface of your skin. Cold showers can help boost your immune system, as there have been studies showing an increased amount of white blood-cells, which fight diseases, present in those who regularly took cold showers.
  3. Workout

    • Regularly exercising can help boost your immune system, helping you avoid getting sick this flu season. Exercising has proven to increase the amount of antibodies produced by your body, which can help fight infections and diseases.
  4. Stay away from fast food

    • Fast food restaurants are one of the most likely places for infectious bacteria to lie. The surfaces are usually not thoroughly cleaned, and the amount of people involved in the production and the handling of food, increases the likelihood of bacteria to be passed to another person.  
  5. Sleep More

    • While sleeping, there are proteins your body produces to help fight against infectious bacteria, and viruses. Lack of sleep can increase your chances of getting sick, because your immune system will not be able to fight back against infections.