Listing a Medical Field Opening that Appeals to Qualified Candidates

The job market is growing more competitive across the country, especially in the healthcare industry. Employers have to think creatively and be willing to go above and beyond the usual to attract and hire the best candidates in the field. Otherwise, they risk high turnover and having employees who do not help their practice to grow and to thrive.

Hiring a medical staffing agency in Arizona can help you connect to the best candidates, as well as help you think through your hiring strategies. But here are a few things you can do to make your job postings more appealing to the most qualified candidates:

Reflect Your Values

Most employers focus on writing up a list of job duties for the vacant position, followed by a list of qualifications they want in a candidate. This is a great way to let people quickly know what to expect from the job and what you want in a potential hire. However, it’s not a great way to let people know what the job is really going to be like or to excite them about the prospect of working with you.

You need to reflect your values in the job requirements, as well as throughout the position posting. For example, instead of saying that you want someone who will provide “excellent customer care,” you can say that you want someone who “strives to make real connections with patients and responds with compassion.” Instead of saying that “prompt service” is required, you can say that “providers must make patients a priority and work within pre-defined timelines.” You need to show what your values are so that you can find candidates who have the same values.

Make Your Mission Prominent

A lot of employers put their mission statement at the end of a job posting – if they include it at all. When it’s at the end of a job post, most candidates don’t even read it. They gloss over it as some arbitrary piece of information that was required for the ad. Yet your mission should be a vital part of everything you do at your organization. It should guide your daily operations, as well as your medical recruiting practices.

At a minimum, you should put your company’s mission right at the top of your job posting, amid the introductory “about” section. Then you should keep your mission in mind as you detail the responsibilities of the job. Try to show how the job helps the company fulfill its mission so that the applicant will feel they have a chance to make a real impact.

Highlight Benefits

Yes, everyone wants things like medical and dental insurance with their job, but those aren’t the benefits we’re talking about. You need to show what benefits the job has compared with similar positions, especially if you want to recruit people from out of the area.

Highlight benefits such as a smaller practice size that has a less-hectic schedule or a smaller ratio of providers to patients. Talk about the close-knit atmosphere in your practice or the commitment to employee wellness. You want to make your practice sound like an inviting place to work – a place people are going to enjoy coming to every day.

Showcase Community Efforts

If your practice is involved in the community, you should include that information in the job posting. Employees want to feel like they are part of something bigger – not just punching a clock every day. Show it off if you are involved in community efforts like healthcare equity, education and awareness, or prevention. This will let applicants know that you care about more than just the bottom line and that they have a chance to do more than be just a cog in a machine.

Medical recruiting is only going to get more competitive as demand for qualified healthcare providers increases and the supply of such candidates decreases. You must be more thoughtful about your recruiting process, right down to the way you write your job postings. These tips can help you attract more of the candidates you want.

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